With job boards, companies have specifically listed their open positions and often accept job applications directly on the job board.

When job searching, it's important to use both job boards and job search engines, and a variety of sites, because no single site searches all job boards or employer sites.

How often should I update my resume submissions to the boards?The way the system works dictates frequent updates. Recruiters are trained to search only for candidates who had posted in the past 24 hours first (and they always find several) then work their way back to a week." Some experts suggest as often as daily or even, refreshing your resume weekly "will pop you to the top of the list of 'fresh' resumes." 

 Post Your Resume onto Job Boards

We offer professional email creations and help getting your resume onto some of the most successful Job Boards. Ex: Dice, Indeed,Career Builder, Craigslist, Monster to name a few.

We also help with creating LinkedIn professional networking accounts.

What is Job Alert? Job Alert is a very simple email job notification system. When You create a profile you get emailed links to jobs that match your profile. Save yourself time by using Job Alert to feed you relevant jobs automatically. Never miss that great job because you didn’t search when it was posted!

Create Job Alerts!

When you upload your resume onto the job boards you will see your activity like listed in the example below from Careerbuilder. 

Your Activity

186   Resume Searches

21     Resume Views

0       Job Applications